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    • 30 Mar 2018
    • 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
    • The Menninger Clinic
    • 18

    Problems in mentalizing are crucially an understanding of personality disorder but this is not the whole story. In many patients relatively good mentalizing may be associated with persistent disorders, how can we understand the paradox mentalizing problems appear to be necessary even if they are a sufficient condition for enduring mental health problems. We propose a framework based on developmental models of social learning interpersonal knowledge transmission necessary entails trust in information provided by another individual. The capability to develop trust may depend on mentalizing or the mentalizing may not be sufficient to ensure that this trust is available. The presentation will review the way mentalizing links and can enhance epistemic trust (trust in knowledge) and how psychological therapy enhances an individual’s capacity to learn and adapt to a range of social contexts.

    At the conclusion of this live presentation, participants should be able to:

    • Describe the relationship between epistemic trust and mentalizing.
    • Articulate how failures of epistemic trust and epistemic hypervigilance may explain the challenges faced by individuals who respond poorly to psychological therapy.
    • Be ready to practice techniques that may enhance a sense of epistemic trust and reduce inappropriate epistemic vigilance.

    25.00 per person

    Registration fee includes a box lunch and refreshments. Forms of payment accepted are Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and checks. Registration will be finalized with receipt of payment.

    Registration is limited to 90 attendees; so sign up today.

     Continuing Education Credits

    2.0 contact/credit/clock hours have been designated by The Menninger Clinic for the following disciplines:



    Social Workers

    Licensed Professional Counselors

    Addictions Professionals

    Special Dietary or ADA Needs 

    For special dietary or ADA needs, please email directly to: 

    Michelle A. Taylor: 

    • 16 Apr 2018
    • 8:15 AM - 5:00 PM
    • The Menninger Clinic 12301 Main Street Houston TX 77035
    Menninger's Family Education Day offers patients' families the opportunity to learn about psychiatric, behavioral and addictive disorders to elevate their understanding of treatment approaches. Additionally, participants will learn ways to strengthen understanding within the family. Equally important is the chance to meet other families going through similar experiences.

    The day's educational sessions are led by Menninger faculty and staff and cover topics that include attachment, mentalizing, psychotherapy, pharmacotherapy, recovery planning and more.

    For the detailed schedule of the day, click here.

    There is no cost to attend, and lunch is included.

    Registration is limited to 60 attendees; so sign up today.

    For special dietary or ADA needs, please contact: 

    Michelle A. Taylor: 

    (713) 275-5529

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